lilah rae l springfield, mo l baby photographer

meet lilah rae.
a sweet and beautiful little girl.
a hero.
who has already
been through two
open heart surgeries.
with more in her future
as she grows.

congenital heart defects
 pulmonary atresia
 & ventricular septal defect


"she is beautiful.
she is super smart and totally independant.
she loves the outdoors and all of nature.
monkeys are her favorite animal, she has a huge collection.
she loves music and dancing.
she is always on the move.
she is a hero to many people."
~her mother

just loved their home.
over 100 years old.
and so adorable.
decorated so cute.

with daddy. :)

her parents are collectors.
her daddy of old records.
and her mother, old cameras. :)

..loves dandelions.
it was so cute
watching her blow them. :)

this cute little monkey
has been with lilah
through both her surgeries.
the first at 10 days old.
the second at 9 months.
i cannot even imagine
what she's been through.
let alone her parents.
..the little bear has a
little zipper and
removeable heart
with stitches.
so cute.

bye-bye. :)

to find out more about the
'the littlest heroes project'

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Jenna said...

These photos are just beautiful!

The last photo of the sillouete.. How do you get that effect? Everytime try I can't get my subjects that dark... do you have any tips?

charla said...

What a little cutie pie! This session is absolutely