hampton l springfield, mo l family photographer

sooooo many of these i just LOVE. :)

one of my favorite silhouettes. ever. :)

i adore this.

oh my goodness
...i adore this. :)

his expression...priceless.
so cute. :)


..even willy made it for this shot.
i was really, really hoping for their
cute, sweet bloodhound.
but he was unwilling.

really wanted more pictures here with
their buffalo, but the light was
pretty low by this time.
they've raised them
since they were little. :)

...the most beautiful land.

hot cocoa picnic...
well, ok, the cups were empty.
...but a great idea.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

These turned our great!! :] I love them!! -Ellie

Tara. said...

*gasp* The first picture of them against the sunset. WOW! And the couch in the middle of their land! Beautiful. They're going to be SO excited!

Kris said...

these are Beautiful!! love the silhouette.

CBM said...

gorgeous light!!

Rosie said...

these are all so beautiful!!! love the horses and I love the land! gorgeous light as well. They will love these!

Anonymous said...

I love these Alisia & I too love the sunset picture! --the best ever. :)


Some call me Neesie. said...

Start with great vision, add beautiful light, and then your processing magic - WOW! Especially love the first in-the-barn shot, mmmm!

Jodie said...

Every time I look at your pictures it makes we want to move to the country!! Just beautiful!