About Me

i am a small-town girl.
my favorite color is yellow.
the color of sunshine.
i am passionate
& love what i do.
sunshine inspires me.
chocolate makes me happy.
tea is my favorite.
i adore cowboy boots.
& classic country.
love setting goals
& making lists.
home is my favorite place.
my sisters are the best.
i love new clothes.
& dislike grocery shopping.
love yummy food.
& eating healthy.
love a good novel.
& knitting.
i love God and family.
i'm proud to be an American.
& thankful to those who help to keep us
land of free, home of the brave.
i have three children.
2 boys.
1 girl.
who are growing up
way to fast.
i have a hubby
to be proud of.
i am blessed.

..so many of my memories are triggered
by old photographs. it is sometimes
hard for me to tell the difference
between a memory and a photograph.
my mother did an amazing job of preserving
our past. she always had a camera in hand
documenting even the little things.
i love looking through all the pictures she took.
she passed on her love for photography
to her three daughters.
as a photographer,
i am so happy to be able to help families
preserve their history and carry
on their legacies through photographs.
i consider myself blessed
to be able to document special moments
for you and your family. together we can help
preserve your legacy and capture a bit of your story.