josh & whitney l springfield, mo l wedding photographer

maybe i'm just biased.
but i thought this wedding
was simply fabulous.
perfect in every way.
gorgeous setting.
beautiful bridal party.
& such lovely vintage details.


photography by:
my sister mandy lynne and i.

chandler hill vineyard
defiance, mo.

getting ready.
love her dress.
and she..
is simply gorgeous.

just adore these..

and then..
the first look. :)
so sweet.

 simply gorgeous.
and so sweet, too.
..and their necklaces
were to die for.
love them!

and the pocket watches.

loved the jumping shots.
..and those bright pink socks.
perfect. ;)

those beautiful rings.
..and that has seriously
got to be the
coolest guy ring
ever. :)

love. LOVE. love.

then the ceremony.
..and here comes the bride.

the newlyweds.
mr & mrs e...

amazing, huh? :)
..hopefully, your internet connection
is better than mine
for such a long post. ;)


oh, and i almost forgot.
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of my other favorites,
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Tara said...

If I had a chance to have my wedding again (and to the same man of course) I would pick this location! It's SO romantic! And they are such a beautiful couple.

Siegrid Cain said...

they are absolutely and utterly beautiful!!! Wish I had put that much thought to detail into my own wedding.... :)