Jessica l Springfield, Missouri l Senior Photographer

senior 2011.
part 2.
we had so much fun.
going all over town.
..& the light was so pretty.
i just love what
we captured. :)

she plays the flute.
which i kept calling a clarinet & horn.
so funny.
i think i finally got it...
there towards the end. ;)

one of her favorite things. :)

we had so much fun
laughing at this 'bobble-head' picture.
too funny. :)

...loves shopping. :)
but then what girl doesn't.
oh, i forgot...
but, i'm pretty sure
my daughter is the execption.. ;)

dream a dream.
wish a wish.
set it free.
trust your heart.
just believe.

i was so excited when i spotted
this old car as we passed
an intersection. :)

..just so beautiful. 

love this one, too.
so joyful & summer-timey. :)

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous girl, gorgeous warm shots outdid your self with this session! :)


Anonymous said...

great photoshoot...lots of neat ideas.
you really got some great shots!


Charla said...

These photos are AMAZING!!! You are so creative and your silhouette shots are the best!