ruby l springfield, mo l baby photographer

at sunrise.
right before the storm broke.
we were hoping for a pretty sunrise.
but, the sun didn't shine for us.
& it poured as soon as we finished.
the lighting was difficult.
but little ruby rae was perfect.
such a happy, sweet baby. :)

makes me smile.
and think of a band conductor. :)


somehow we managed
to anger a neighbor
over half a mile away.
who came storming up in
his clunker.
yelling and asking us
 what in the world
were we thinking to
wake up the neighbors.
and where did i live
so he could come
harrass me sometime.
people are so mean sometimes.
i had gotten permission
from the owner of the place.
now i just feel
sorry for him.
he has a lunatic
for a neighbor.
we had the last laugh, tho.
he squalled his tires
and took out so fast
he lost a hubcap
and had to come
sneaking back
to look for it. ;)


{newborn ruby}

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mandy said...

These are completely adorable! Those chubby little legs are killin' me.:)

Anonymous said...

even though the lighting wasn't the best, you still got some adorable shots of little ruby rae... :)


Ranelle Del Belle said...

Wow.... I don't want YOUR camera!! Must have a really loud flash to wake up the neighbor so far away! ;-)

But it sure does take awesome pictures... er... the person behind the camera takes some awesome pictures! :) They were still great, even if the sun was behind the clouds for the day.

Charla said...

What an adorable session! I love those chubby legs!