{ the photoshoots}
it was a little chilly.
in between pictures,
we were jumping up and down
trying to keep warm,
laughing our heads off :)
plus, the sand was really
blowing and our legs were
getting sand-blasted.
it was great fun! :)

we got this bright idea to
get fun-colored icecream cones
to match our bright-colored
vintage suits.
i was really enjoying
my orange flavor,
but mandy didn't care
for her blueberry,
and it was dripping all over
the place.
it was hilarious!
the funny thing is,
we had already enjoyed
normal icecream cones
with normal flavors
before this.
definitely got our fill
of icecream. haha!

i wanted to climb to the
top of this lighthouse.
but we decided not to
after we saw the price.
plus, we decided we'd rather eat
some more, rather
than exercise.
kidding (well, sorta)
we ate soooo much on this trip! :)

this was such a lovely house.
but it was on a bus tour route,
we had people keep
trying to take pictures of us
while we sat here.
it was funny, because we
would try to mess up their shot
by doing something stupid. :)

my lovely sister.
if you keep up with this blog,
you will probably notice
that she is the one
who just adopted the
adorable, little
korean baby.

so gorgeous.
and ever so sweet.

the artsy shot. :)

a mini paradise.
beside the road.
i'm in luv.
with savannah.


kelli said...

oh my goodness.
these are fantastic!!!!!
you look gorgeous.
i love this concept.


Melodie said...

Looks like you'll had fun Sister time
and lots of fun wonderful pictures..