tybee island.
for my sister's birthday.

the breakfast club
is the place to go.
oh,so yummy.

a call from hubby.
on her birthday. :)

our cameras went
everywhere we did...
even shopping. :)

@home vintage general.
our favorite store.
we spent so much time here. :)

it was lovely
walking around savannah.
with flowers blooming

i just love
that we all enjoy
photography. :)

savannah at night.

{memories of savannah}
laughing always. :)
eating yummy food pretty much constantly.
talking til late into the night.
rub-on suntan lotion disasters.
almost missing our flight.
scaring ourselves silly with our naivety.
just tons of fun!
sisters are the best.


info said...

this makes me soo happy... just seeing it all & remembering all the funny times. lol!
i love how you put it all together.

charla said...

i agree...sisters are the best! just thinking about our trip makes me smile! xox.

rosie said...

yes, sisters are the best!! You 3 do so many fun things together.. I just love it! Looks like such a lovely place!! Happy Birthday to your sister :)

DOT (Maria) said...

sounds like fun. I look forward to more trips with my sisters so we get older.

Marla said...

Looks like you girls had a wonderful time...so sweet that you were able to do this together! I would love to visit Savannah someday as well..