one of my very, very faves of
our sister's trip to savannah together.
mandy had this idea in her head
for a long time, and it
was so much fun to see
it all come together.

the wisteria on this house
was amazing. so, so beautiful.

such a lovely sister
and beautiful friend.
love her to bits and pieces.
ps. more to come.


Marla said...

These pics are so beautiful! wow, I love that wisteria on that house! looks like you all had a fabulous time!

Mandy Booher said...
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charla said...

love these pictures you captured of mandy! soo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I loved this time I spent with you & charla.. we simply had the best time and I will always cherish the photos. thanks!
love you my dear sis.


Rosie said...

wow! these images are wonderful!! LOVE LOVE that house!! you are all gorgeous!