prewitt l springfield, mo l family photographer

gorgeous setting.
beautiful family.
great kids,
who were so much fun.
..the only thing missing
was the sunshine.
and pretty light.
but, i still love
what we captured. :)


Charla said...

Wow! This session is absolutely beautiful!

rosie said...

beautiful! what a home! wow.

Anonymous said...

great job on the family you will get lots of business from this i know iT! ~ Valerie

Cheryl said...

Thanks Alisia, I am wonderfully pleased!

Cheryl Prewitt

Ranelle Del Belle said...

awww... that last picture is SOOO cute! :) pure childhood simplicity.

The whole session's great. ...even without the much-desired ingredient (light). :-)

René said...

I love how you use your surroundings. You are so creative!!

Ranelle Del Belle said...

....well! It's not the "last picture" anymore! lol... it's the one with the boy resting his head on his hands.... :)

Ranelle Del Belle said...

(the one with the purple flowers).... :) You must have added several more pictures since I saw this post. :)

Melodie said...

wonderful fun captures~