gadd l springfield, mo l family photographer

such a beautiful family.
i was so excited to get to use my red couch.
...and check out the flare.
so perfect.
love it. :)

i posted something like this recently.
but this time i had sun. :)

love. love. love.

a little early for a silhouette.
but i loved how her face is lit by the sun. :)

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Tara. said...

Another couch! So cute and creative. How on earth do you get those out there? That's great!
I adore the pictures of the two of them with the big tree swing. Is that your house or land? very cool! And the hay bales are so very creative!
Beautiful pictures, again!!

Tiffany said...

I love these shots! That is a fabulous couch! I especially like the perspective of the second shot - so perfect!

lizwiththree said...

you are a very talented photographer...gorgeous photos!!!

Some call me Neesie. said...

Beautiful photos, all of them. You do magic with that tree, girl! And the red couch is very cool... 'tho you must have to hire a moving company to pull it off :D

mandy*b said...

that last shot...pure majic~
your incredible Alisia!

Marla said...

Beautiful! That last shot...WOW...its soooo beautiful!

Charla said...

These pictures are incredible! I especially love the 1st and last shot.

kimber said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Sigh.