day 63 l springfield, mo l aerial photographer

i've always loved the view
coming down the hill from home
and into town.
it's a lovely place
to watch the passing of time,
with the trees changing
with the seasons.
lately, the view has been
 slightly altered with
the construction of
a huge, new interchange
going in. it's been
fun watching how quickly
 it is all coming together.

13 smiles today
a lovely day of sunshine
& spring-ey weather
a visit with a friend
tyler's hugs
& i love you's
a random back massage
a texted apology
homeade chicken and dumplings
linessa's bear hugs
& choosing ag as an elective
tyler complimenting what i was wearing {western}
knowing God is bigger than any problem
& that there is light at the end of the tunnel

life is sometimes fun,
sometimes not.
i am not always happy.
my kids are sometimes grouchy or difficult.
but when I look back over my day.
i begin to realize that
the seemingly insignificant things
are the most meaningful & beautiful of all.

it's the the smallish things
that take up the most room
in our hearts.
~story people


Anonymous said...

You have such a way with words! I love how you journal; what a gift...
--I was readin' to Gary what you wrote about your growin' up years and got choked up and blurry eyed. What a precious daughter you are...


Anonymous said...

God has bless you with an amazing family.
--love 'em so much!


Charla said...

That is such a cool shot!
Love what you wrote.

Melodie said...

amazing girl~so love what U wrote~