Alisia 2010

i love pictures. and books.
so, it just makes perfect sense
to make books for my children of their pictures.
i’ve been spending lots of time
on 2009 books for each of them.
it feels great to have them
done and ordered. yay!
now onto 2008.

ps. i LOVE offering these books of sessions.
& they are simply fab.
thick pages.
& vellum paper
 (in front of the 1st and last page.)
amazing quality.
& leather bound. is also thursday thirteen.yay! :)
and i thought it would be fun
 to remember 2010 prices.

1)gasoline $2.49
2)milk $3
3)flour $2
4)sugar $3
5)ground beef $2 lb.
6)bananas .48 lb.
7)bread $2
8)quaker oats $4
9)doritos $2.50
10)eggs $1.62
11)movie ticket $9.25 (yikes what happened?
it thought they were still $8.)
12)advil $8
13)21 speed schwinn bike $150



Kris said...

They look nice! Are these from Millers?

Melodie said...

such a treasure:)

Anonymous said...

love your books and especially the one you made of Gary & I! :)

Charla said...

I love all your books. You do such a beautiful job on them! Can't wait to see the new ones.