Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
~bob morehead


CBM said...

you have such a beautiful daughter and I love how you captured her!

Anonymous said...

These are so Beautiful!! wow, She is in a dress :)Stunning!

Alisia said...

i know...imagine that! a dress.
it took a little bribing. haha! :)
thanks kriscinda.
thanks michelle.
your kind words mean a lot. :)

charla said...

Love these pictures of Linessa! She is stunning!

Anonymous said...

wow! Alisia, these pictures of Linessa make me more than ever aware that my "little" granddaughter is growin' up!! :)


Marla said...

great pictures of her, Alisia!

mandy said...

Alisia, these shots of Linessa take my breath away!
she is completely gorgeous and full of sunshine and you did an amazing job of capturing that!

rosie said...

she is stunning in a dress! wow! lovely young lady, love her hair as well!