my son.
love him so much.
...and very proud of him.
so responsible.
straight A's.
such a hard worker.
and so handsome. :)

so excited to get these.
cuz it's soooo hard to get
him to let me. ;)


Anonymous said...

I looooovvvve these photos of Tyler! He's growin' up and so good lookin'!! I'm so proud of him... Love ya Tyler! :)


Melodie said...

wow girl U got some great and creative pictures...

charla said...

He is one good looking guy!
Love these shots of him. You did an amazing job once again:)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I love these pictures SO much! Case International! My Daddy would die of happiness to own that tractor! He looks like a farmer. A very cool farmer! And way to go with the straight A's. I LOVE his smile! Very wonderful pictures!