[Christmas Giveaway]

i had the best time.
my sisters and i spent
a whole entire weekend together.
eating yummy home-cooked food.
watching movies.
it was the best.
i'm not sure any of us
were really ready to come
back to reality.
& real life.
lol ;)
...i made owls.
started a quilt for linessa
from her old dress scraps.
& started a cable knit scarf.
cable knitting is new for me. :)


i had so much fun making owls.
that i want to give one away.
to you.
a Christmas ornament.
..all you need to do
is leave a comment.
i will draw a name
from the comments left.
on Christmas day. :)

made of wool.
& tied with vintage lace.
body measures 6 in.


*collage completely inspired by: charla anne
the doll in the collage also made by her.
and the great news
is that she is selling them. :)
also for the use of her
lovely white, airy home
for these pictures.
..i really need to paint
me a room.
all white. :)
everything. :)

*the wreath made by: mandy lynne
...and thank you for sharing
your precious vintage fabric
for the green owl in the collage. :)

*the owl.
inpiration from somewhere
on the web.
i simply cannot remember where.
if anyone knows.
please let me know. :)

*also a 'thank you' to the girls
at 'simply fibers' for all the knitting tips.
you're awesome. :)
..and to my aunt.
for passing on her love
of knitting to me.
& teaching me the basics.

*to my parents.
for letting us camp out at their house.
for the weekend.
love ya. :)


"i am so glad you are here.
it helps me realize
how beautiful my world is."

i just love that quote.
thanks, charla for finding it.
& sharing.
and to all those who love me.
it's so true.
thank you. :)


Merry Christmas
to you and yours.
love you all.


Anonymous said...

Aww, its so cute. I enjoy your blog, Alisia. Merry Christmas!


the whyte house said...

i need a craft weekend away! how do i get in on that?? :) i keep telling my husband that i am going to have a mommy deployment and get away! :)
love, love, love the owl!! i've been looking at purchasing an owl print of vol.25's on etsy. so cute!!

p.s. tell your SIL that i adore her dolls. so sweet.

Martha said...

Oh..i have such an owl obsession! I love him! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Ps Rosie! Don't comment! I wanna win!!!

vallayne said...

Ah glad it was fun sisters are the best for sure! I am blessed with great sisters and friends too.
My mom has a huge collection of owls I have brought her one from every country I have visited in fact!
YOur sisters are very crafty!

LibraryKerri said...

I have a beautiful baby niece named Finley Anne. I would love to give her this adorable owl.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. I am the librarian at LRUE and found your blog through Angie Garner. Loved the photos you took of her daughter!

Anonymous said...

i adore that little owl:)

Allie said...

Those are SO cute! I love it!

magnolia queen said...

ok, real owls scare me. THIS owl... so, so darling!! Would love to add it to my new home!

Sabrina said...

How cute!!! I've been seeing owls around everywhere as decorations - I love it!

Sabrina said...

Aww how cute! I've been seeing owls around everywhere as decorations and I love it.

Aubrey said...

omGoodness. They are so so cute!

Kris said...

How Cute!! :) You girls are so talented!

Katrina said...

beautiful! I want one :)

Nadia said...

You and are your wonderful sisters are great artistic inspirations!! So cute that owl is...you've inspired me to try some new things!!

ManaRose said...

I LOVE owls!!! What a great giveaway : )

Nicole said...

Thank you for a wonderful year of inspiration. I can't wait to see what you and your sisters get up to next year! xx nicole

Charla said...

I enjoyed our weekend together so much<3
Your owls turned out adorable!

gigi said...

oh my goodness! this would only feed my owl fetish. so adorably CUTE!

gigi said...

oh my goodness! this would totally feed my owl fetish. so adorably CUTE!!!