springfield, mo l birthday photographer

i'm so very excited
to now offer
'portrait films'.
a film.
set to music.
of you.
and your family.
beautifully done.
and choreographed.
by my friend.
and cousin.
brandon allen.
a very talented videographer.
these would be an
amazing keepsake.
something to be cherished.

so, without further ado.
here's to the feature presentation.
"Sweet 14"

Click Here:

or scroll to the bottom
of my blog.
turn off the background music.
and press play. :)


Jenna said...

Wow, that is amazing!! you and him both are very talented!

Lacie Lacy said...

Alicia! This is so incredible. Beautiful photos! Not only are you an awesome photographer. You seem to be an AWESOME mama!