{all that fuzz and stuff}

..the older i get.
the more i like
all that fuzz and blur and stuff.;)
..plus it's kinda
 artsy flartsie. :)


 coined by 'nienie'
i had to laugh.
oh and.. 
if you haven't met nienie
 via her blog.
you simply must.
she is beautiful.
and truly amazing.
she has been through..
hell and back.
so go.
..be inspired.
and realize
how blessed
you really are.

ps. i just love 'design aglow'.
so many awesome products.
& stuff i would love.
 ..they've got a contest to win
a $100 gift card, or
an ephiphanie camera bag.
love the red one. :)
check it out here
design aglow


Aubrey said...

once again...love it :-)
Rock it sistah!

Charla said...

Very pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

You really got some great shots of your vacation. You forgot to post nienie's blogsite...