{her name is t-bone}

her name is t-bone...
so as not to get too attached...
probably should've been named patty, though..
it just sounds more feminine...to me. :)
she's adorable. too adorable.
...ummm, why does she have to be so cute?
she was rejected at birth, by her mother, for her twin.
my daughter faithfully bottle feeds her
every morning and evening, without complaint.
i remember doing this with my sister
when we were kids. it's not quite so
fun when it's cold or rainy. :)
when i was young,i had a calf named "nelly belle".
she was black.
i also had a calf named "butterscotch"
who ended up being a dwarf, and
never got bigger, just fatter.
it's nice that cows aren't as
easy to fall in love with as horses.
they just aren't as personable.


mom said...

cute. This too reminds me when you used to bottlefeed our calves. Did I get any pics of that? Surely I did!! :)

a little bit about me... said...

likely.. :)
i'll have to look through my album.

charla said...

These pictures bring back so many wonderful memories:)

Marla said...

aww, these are so cute!