a new driver.
a new license....

..and the world will never
be the same.
at least not my world. :)
a new set of worries.
a new independence.
and a son who
is growing up.
too fast.

it was his dream
to take his license
in a dune buggy.
the examiner was happy
to oblige.
said she had never
had anyone else
give that request. :)
he passed.
with flying colors.
as he does with
every test. :)


CBM said...

scary :)

charla said...

Congratulations to Tyler! Love that he drove the dune buggy:) How funny! He has grown up so fast! He is the coolest 16 year old I know!

vallayne said...

I love that smile of his.. great!

vallayne said...

I love that accomplished smile!