my perty, perty sis.
this shoot was SO much fun!

this just might be my fave...
love it so much.
but then again...
i don't know...
cuz this next one
is just..well,
drop-dead gorgeous. :)

that's what!

old trucks are the best... :)

pure gorgeousness.

growing up,
sisters really do share so much.
they share the same memories,
the same household chores,
the same holiday traditions,
the same relatives,
the same clothes, and
often the same room.
and while time and age
give to each sister new experiences,
even these
get "shared" as
one story after another
comes tumbling out when they get together.
but ultimately, sisters share more than
just time and space together;
they share their hearts.

~caroline brownlow

how do people make it through
life without a sister?
a sister is one of the nicest thing
that can happen to
someone. :)


Marla said...

beautiful pictures of her! great job and she's so pretty!

charla said...

you did an amazing job! every single picture is stunning!

Melodie said...

O you captured some beautiful pictures if her!you captured her sweetness!
Sisters are wonderful!

Jodi Pfunder said...

saw these the other day over on her blog -- you did such a great job! such a talented family :)
Love the light. My fave is the one of her sitting in the field with teh truck in the bg.

Anonymous said...

thank you sis!!


rosie said...

beautiful pics of her!!! love her boots!

Veri Teri said...

I am blessed with an awesome sister, too. I love these shots, your perspective is so fresh...

nathalie said...

you two are so talented!! your way to capture images give me such a good refreshing!! and gosh you both are sooo dang pretty!!!!