just married.
aren't they cute?
face book has a way
of bringing back old
memories. coming into
contact with people
whom you haven't heard
from or seen in years.
i don't know...
but i've been
looking through old
pictures. i'm so glad
my mother took so many.
maybe that's why
all her daughters have
become photographers. :)
and i guess that's also the reason
she's not in very many of
the pictures.
she's the best mum anyone could
ever have. the sweetest,
most thoughtful person. ever.
she was always there for us.
i love her so much.
it's so wonderful
to know that she's always praying
for us.
such a comfort.
i have a lot of
faith in mom's prayers.
i love this one.
first baby.
that would be me.

me and my childhood hero.
my daddy was the best.
so much fun.
and always doing fun
things with us.
his whole life
was centered around
his family.
love him so.

love how mama put my hair
in pigtails.
she made most of my clothes, too. :)

love this one.
i had the best childhood ever.
thanks mom and dad.


info said...

what fun!i love looking through the old albums.

i want that avocado green chair. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetheart for those kind words...
I'm ever soooo thankful for 3 of the most precious daughters there ever could be.
I've been truly blessed; God has blessed my life beyond measure with such an adorable family... :)
love ya bunches,

charla said...

i love these old pictures! we are so blessed to have such wonderful parents. they are the very best!