jus' kids being kids...
and well...
jus' life...

such a hard worker.
loves mowing.
can fix anything.
a very handy fella to have around. :)
love him.
and super, duper proud of him.
little artist.
he's proud of this one.
and requested it be
put on my blog. :)

funny wide-angle of me.
hubby says it doesn't even look
like me.
sp's are hard.
at least for me.
date night.
we love taking walks around town.
after eating something yummy. :)

i love walking.
especially this time of the evening.
the kids usually opt for riding their bikes. :)

poor little rescued bunny.
right from the mouth of our cat.
tanner is my little creature lover.

check out that cool flare.
and bokeh'd bike. :)
couldn't quite get the focus
fast enough.
oh well...i like it, anyway. :)

my bike has been taken over.
by my kids.
this is the same bike
i had the terrible crash on.
the crash that led to a plate
and 10 screws in my wrist.
not fun! :(
i still love my bike.
but that accident changed me
from a fearless, brave girl
to someone who is afraid to
take chances.

contemplating life...
she was sitting out back,
and i couldnt' resist the
pretty light behind her. :)
p.s. i love comments.
thank you so much
to those who take
the time to leave me
some blog luv. :)
it totally makes my day!


Marla said...

I really enjoyed these Alisia..looks like your kids are growing up as fast as mine...neat perspective on Tanner drawing..he's good!

Ranelle Del Belle said...

I love how you got the captured the light in some of these pictures!!! :-) You do it so well... I really like that 2nd to last picture (the bike).

I told your son as a comment on facebook that I no longer ride without handlebars because I had a bad wreck that cost me my smile. :-) Well... at least it made it a little lop-sided. I'm used to it now because it's been so long ago! It was between my 2nd grade and 3rd grade year - and you can see the difference in the school pictures. First, a perfectly shaped smile... then NOT! :-) I don't mind, I guess... It's better than it was, 'cause we massaged the muscles in my face everyday.... :-)

Alisia said...

oh my, ranelle! i'm so sorry! i never noticed. i'm glad you told tyler that story, cuz he scares me!

thanks so much for the comments. :)

info said...

ooh, that bike bokeh is crazy cool!!
great shots of everyone.
so much talent there, tanner!