this shoot was so much fun.
partly because
she is just so pretty,
but also because she is
one of my daughter's
best friends.
they have so much fun together.
and have
a lot of the same
tomboys and full of
fun. :)
we wanted to capture
those last fleeting
moments of childhood
before they are gone
kids just grow up
way too fast.


CBM said...

these are just beautiful!!

LJameson said...

These photographs are amazing! I work with her mom, so I saw the photos that were taken. I "googled" you and am in awe of your work; I can't stop scrolling through all the pictures. Your eye for beauty is picture perfect.

Alisia said...

WOW! You completely made my day!!! :)
Thank you so much! Wish I could email
you to thank you. :)

Tineke said...

seriously...could these be more beautiful?!!!! LOVE them! the light is amazing...

Kriscinda said...

Beautiful work girl!!

rosie said...

amazing diptychs Alisia! Wow, such awesome pairing of pictures and yes, gorgeous girl!

Alisia said...

thank you sooooo much! :)
appreciate your kind words.
so much.

Ranelle Del Belle said...

Ah... ever since the last Cole reunion I have been wishing I would have been braver to ask you for your blog link... I now know that I have definitely been missing out! Your work is amazing!!!!! I'm now going to search and see if I can find any pics of the sunflower field you said you went and photographed before coming on in to the reunion. (I think it was you...) :) Have a wonderful day! (oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing pics of my new little cousin!!!)

Alisia said...

thanks ranelle,
you're so sweet! :)
the sunflower field pics are in here. :)