gadd l springfield, mo l senior photographer

favorite things:
cooking and children.
she babysits,
so we thought it would
be fun to get the kids
all together for
some pictures.
all 15 showed up.
she's amazing.
and loved.
it shows.


Marla said...

wow. Beautiful, beautiful work, Alisia!!! I am sure her family loves these...Love the Maypole!!!

Anonymous said...

wow alisia! you did great!
love these! :)
creative ideas...


Kendy Jo said...

This so Pretty.Really GOOD Alisia!
-Kendy Jo

Tine van der Eems said...

Hi Alisia...these pics are stunning! you know me from flickr. spaghetti :))) Beautiful work!

kelli said...

oh my. it's been way too long since my last visit...or log on to FLICKR, but i realized how much i missed your photography when I arrived here. THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!! Your style has evolved SO much...and these portraits are so inspiring and so beautiful! i love what you are doing.

Miss talking with you my friend. I hope all is well.....xoxo

Anonymous said...

These are exquisite! WOW! Love them all and I'm sure she really was pleased! You have such a beautiful talent!

charla said...

This looks amazing girl! I am so bummed I didn't get to see it!

m said...

soo inspiring!!
what a wonderful gift for this family.
I adore each shot!