When people asked how old she was,
she would say 1009365,
more or less,
because she was so glad to be alive
that she counted every day a birthday.
~story people
another year, another birthday.
i'm in constant
amazement about how
fast time flies for me.
I suppose that's a good
thing since it means
life is good
and fun and lovely.
i've been blessed.
God is good.


Kriscinda said...

this is too cute!! love all the vintage outfits you guys wore!!

charla said...

hi beautiful:) love that quote.
i hope you had the happiest birthday ever!! love you so much!

kelli said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? You look like a super model! So beautiful! Seriously, the most coolest mom ever!

Sorry I missed your BiRthdAY. I hope it was a wonderful one.